List of Breeding Bird Data Collections (updated 06/30/2013 - Barn Swallow)

"*" Before link means .wma (Windows Media Player) or .mp3 format sound recording will load and play if your system has the Media Player installed and you are running Explorer. The sound may not load and play under Netscape Navigator. In some cases you also have the option of downloading an .mp3 recording from a page.

Mystery Bird(?) Recording , recording added on 8/4/99

Abert's Towhee Adults at the nest feeding the baby birds, added on 5/11/2009

American Coot Adults and babies at the nest and swimming, added on 7/26/2005

* Ash-throated Flycatcher , Dawn song recording added on 7/29/99

Band-tailed Pigeon Added photo of perched bird at Mt. Graham, AZ from May 31, 2009, and recordings of song, wing flaps, and "kow" growl call.

Barn Swallow Three photos of male and female Barn Swallows presumably during courtship. Male is presenting in front of the female. June 12, 2013, Sierra valley, CA

* Bendires Thrasher photo of most beautiful Bendire's Thrasher nest added 4/26/99

Black Phoebe A couple of photos of a Black Phoebe at work.

Black-throated Sparrow

Black Skimmer Photos from Newport Beach, California, June 2007

* Blue Grosbeak

Brewer's Sparrow Photo of sparrow from AZ, Nest with egg photo from CA, sound recordings

* Brown Creeper photos and sound recording of adult carrying food at nest, added 7/31/2001

* Buff Collared Nightjar

Burrowing Owl photos of Burrowing Owls added 5/23/99

* Cassin's Sparrow

* Common Poorwill (Updated on 12/03/2002)

Cooper's Hawk (added 05/05/2007), First-year photo, sound recordings, video of adult

* Cordilleran Flycatcher , July 18, 1999, recording added 7/29/99.

* Crested Caracara

* Crissal Thrasher Photo of nest with eggs from 5/8/99 and sound recording

* Curve-bill Thrasher

* Elf Owl (Background .mp3 recording)

Ferruginous Hawk Photo of nest with baby almost ready to leave, June 12, 1999.

Forster's Tern Photo from Newport Beach, California, June 2007

Gray Flycatcher Photos of perched bird taken in late December, 1999.

* Great-horned Owl New observations about "harnk" call added on May 18, 1999.

* American Kestral Photo of nest with babies and sound recording, July 5, 1999.

Lark Sparrow Photo of nest with eggs, June 12, 1999, and updated 2009.

Lewis's Woodpecker Photo of adult perched near cavity, and at cavity. Sound recording of adult at cavity, June 10, 2009, Sierra-Nevada, CA.

Long-eared Owl Photo of owl in Phoenix on the ground, June 28, 2005.

Lucy's Warbler Photos of rare nest site look with adults bringing food and visiting the nest in a cavity with the baby birds.

Mountain Bluebird Photo of male carrying food, July 4, 1999.

* Mourning Dove Added baby Mourning Doves in nest on May 27, 1999.

Northern Rough-wing Swallow Added May 27, 2007.

Olive-sided Flycatcher Added July 25,2005 (from Sierras in CA).

* Phainopepla Added photo of female at nest with young to web page on Oct. 24, 1999.

Plumbeous Vireo Added photo of bird on nest, nest with eggs from May 30, 2009, and recording from May 17, 2009 of secondary song and scold call.

Pygmy Nuthatch Added photo of adult feeding young at nest cavity on Aug. 9, 2004.

Roadrunner Photo of nest with eggs from 5/8/99 and sound recording

Rufous-wing Sparrow

Says Phoebe Photos of nests with eggs and young from 5/15/99.

Scotts Oriole Photos of nest, birds, and sound recording from 5/30/99.

Snowy Egret Photos of birds in Mesquite tree from 5/15/99.

* Turkey Vulture New recordings of Turkey Vultures and one Black Vulture feeding at a dead coyote carcass, April, 2000.

* Varied Bunting Photo of male at nest, with sound recording, Aug 21, 1999

Verdin Photos of Verdins carrying a stick, food, and at the nest, with sound recording, added to web site on Oct. 26, 1999.

* Vermilion Flycatcher Photo of male and female on the nest. Also nest with eggs, with sound recording. Photos of nest from April 2000.

Whiskered Screech Owl

Yellow-eyed Junco Photo of nest with eggs, July 18, 1999.