Brewer's Sparrow, Arizona Sonoran Desert, March 1999

Photo by Greg Clark, March 14, 1999

Brewer's Sparrows are common desert residents in the sonoran desert habitat in Arizona. Here a sparrow is perched on Cholla Cactus, a typical place to see them. Unlike their summer habits, in Winter they congregate in large flocks to forage under desert plants along with Winter migrant White-crowned Sparrows and permanent resident Black-throated Sparrows. In the winter they individually and collectively call a beautiful song not heard very often on the breeding grounds. Below the perched bird photograph is a photo of a nest with one egg from Sierra Valley, CA. The nest was about one foot above ground.

brewers Sparrow

There are four sound recordings available to listen to. The first and second recordings are examples of the main territorial song. Both were recorded in Sierra Valley, California in early June. The third song is the typical winter song heard in the Arizona desert and was recorded in the Sonoran desert in southern AZ in April, 1997. This recording is of a group of sparrows all singing at once. The fourth recording is a call note for this sparrow species and was recorded in December 2001 near the Gila River in central AZ. This recording was filtered to remove wind noise.


Brewer's Sparrow, June, 2002 Sierra Valley, CA Greg Clark

Brewer's Sparrow, June, 2009, Sierra Valley, CA Adele Binning

Brewer's Sparrow, April, 1997, Southern Arizona, Greg Clark

Brewers Sparrow, December, 2001, Gila River, Central AZ, Greg Clark








Photo by Greg Clark


The Nest with egg was photographed June 12, 2010 in Sierra Valley, CA in sage.

Brewer's Sparrow nest with Egg

Photo By Greg Clark











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