Band-tailed Pigeon, Mt. Graham, AZ and Sound Recordings, May 31, 2009

Approx 9000ft Elevation

Photo by Greg Clark

Band-tailed Pigeon


This pigeon usually perches so high up in pine trees on Mt. Graham that photography is next to impossible. This bird landed in a lower tree, and although nervous, allowed some photos to be taken. The sound recordings are also from Mt Graham and include the main song, wing beats, and the "kow" call. Although recorded from the same location, there were probably two different individuals recorded. One pigeon for the song, and a different pigeon for the wings and "kow". It is also possible that the kow was from a third individual. The pigeons were way up in the trees. Unfortunately, there are bees in these recordings, but the main vocalizations can still be clearly heard.


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Copyright Greg Clark, 2009

update 8/2012