Cooper's Hawk First-Year, and Adult Photographs and Adult Cooper's Hawk Video

Photo by Greg Clark, January 8, 2005

Before reaching full-adult, a Cooper's Hawk has yellow eyes and streaked breast markings, as seen in this photograph.

To see an adult taking a bath use the following link. This video is over a minute long so the size is pretty big.

Cooper's Hawk taking a bath

Use the following link to play an .mp3 file of various Cooper's Hawk vocalizations

Cooper's Hawk vocalizations, Southern Arizona




Here is the adult Cooper's Hawk. Note the different breast feathers and eye color.











First-year Cooper's Hawk with wings up in creek

Here is another first-year Cooper's Hawk on September 7, 2009. This image shows the streaks on the breast, the banded tail, and the yellow eyes. home

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