Black Phoebe in flight, Phoenix, Arizona

Photos by Greg Clark, October 11, 2009

Black Phoebe

This Handsome black and white flycatcher picks a good spot to watch for flying insects, then flys out and picks them easily from mid-air. Returning often to the same spot, the process is repeated until all the insects are gone or the bird decies to try another spot. Black Phoebes build a mud nest on the side of a rock face or soetimes down inside a man-made structure such as a concrete- lined, or rock-lined vertical well. The bird will fly down into the open well to make the nest and bring food to the baby birds.


The next photo would be the bug's eye view.









What the bug sees

If you are a bug, then this is what you will see, just before the end.







Copyright Greg Clark, 2009

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