Long Ear Owl Photographs

Photos by Greg Clark

A migratory owl, some Long-eared Owls spend the winter in the southern desert area of Arizona and northern Mexico. An owl of the high conifer forest and woodland, this owl was photographed in a Phoenix surburban back yard on June 28, 2005. Perhaps this owl was done with breeding by late June and was already heading for her winter home. In any case here she was safe in a backyard, sleeping through the day in spite of grackels that kept up a constant din warning eveyone that an owl was nearby. With evening coming she is seen here getting ready to wake up and fly off for a busy night finding food and looking for another safe roost location. Long-eared Owls are often seen motionless sitting on the ground next to the trunk of a tree. In the winter a flock of several Long-eared Owls will roost together in one spot. Usually quick to fly off, this owl was quite approachable. Perhaps it is used to being around people. Long-eared Owls have been known to nest in trees in parks.

Here the side view of the head shows off the beautiful feather "ear" tufts and various white feathers that surround the facial disc. The upper breast feathers always seem out of focus, even when the focus is sharp

Here is some detail of the facial disc feathers.


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