Common Poorwill Photographs and Sound Recording

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Photos of two individuals by Greg Clark, April 10, 1999

The Common Poorwil is a bird that flies with its mouth open to catch insects. Active at night, this bird is usually only seen in the daytime when flushed from a hiding spot on the ground or from a nest site on the ground. This bird is very common in Arizona during spring and summer. Usually detected when heard at night, it is usually only seen when caught in the headlights on dirt roads in the wilderness. The nest for this bird can be found by walking along sloping hillsides and watching for the bird to be flushed from the ground nest.





In 1997, during work on the Arizona Breeding Bird Atlas project, the rarely heard week-week call was recorded in south-central Arizona. This call is probably associated with courtship because it was heard in the spring. The sound recording available for downloading was made on 3/15/1997 and contains the classic "poorwill" call and also the "week-week" call.

The original Common Poorwill sound recording was produced using a Sennheiser MKH70 shotgun microphone and the audio was stored on a 48 ksps DAT using a Tascam DA-P1 digital audio recorder. The recording was down-sampled to 44.1 ksps and converted to MPEG3 to reduce the file size. The distance from the microphone to the bird is unknown for both recording sections.

download mpeg3 recording (pwsngcal.mp3)

download mpeg3 decoder


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