Common Poorwill Captive Photograph and Sound Recording

Photo by Greg Clark, November 11, 2002 at Arizona Go Wild rehabilitation clinic

I came to be involved with the Common Poorwill seen on the left when Wild At Heart notified me of an injured "owl" in a parking lot in Phoenix. The owl turned out to be a stunned Common Poorwill and Wild At Heart suggested I take it to Arizona Go Wild for immediate care. I have done Poorwill rescues before, but this time when I picked up the bird it hissed at me. Apparently common knowledge to rehabbers, I was unaware they made this type of sound. After I got to the clinic they informed me they had another poorwill that hissed even more. Later, when both birds were ready for release, I returned to record the hiss I had heard. The bird I rescued was no longer doing the hiss, instead it was doing a series of soft "clucks" when I started to talk. But only when I started talking, not the handler. So here is the poorwill cluck. The hissing poorwill is on another page.

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