Lucy's Warbler Nest Photos and Sound Recording

Greg Clark, May 2011

Lucy's Warbler is North America's smallest warbler and within the U.S. most of the breeding range is within Arizona. One of only two cavity-nesting warblers in North America, it is difficult to photograph an active nest because the nest is usually hidden inside a tree, or inside loose bark. Thus, it was a surprise to see a nest in a shallow cavity with the baby birds being fed by both adults.

big green bug delivery

The adult is bringing a green bug to one of the open mouths of the baby birds. In this case the baby birds were silent.

The basic stick and grass construction of the nest can be plainly seen.














adult looking over the baby birds

Here one of the adults has probably just delivered the goods.


Here is a link to a .mp3 sound recording made of the Lucy's Warbler song in 1997:

Lucy's Warbler Song

The sound recording has dead space removed between sound elements to shorten the download time. The recording is unfiltered.










Copyright Greg Clark, 2011

update 8/2012