Plumbeous Vireo Nest Photograph and Sound Recording, May 30, 2009

Gila County County, Arizona, Approx 6000ft Elevation

Photos by Greg ClarkPlumbeous _vireo on Nest

Here the adult sits on the eggs in a cup-shaped nest in a Ponderosa Pine tree. The nest is anchored to the tree branch by a network of small fibers so that the nest hangs below the limb. The nest with eggs photo shows this better.














Plumbeaous Vireo nest with eggs

Note the secure technique used to anchor the nest structure to the limb. The inside of the nest is constructed with grass and unlined. No downy feathers or fluffy plant materials.

The nest is in Ponderosa Pine, approximately 9 feet (3m) above ground.

Photographed on May 30, 2009. The adults were still feeding young on June 20, 2009.








Play Plumbeous Vireo partial Secondary Song and scold

This recording was made in Gila County, AZ 05/17/2009. It is not the main song for this vireo, instead it is a variant of the secondary song (an incomplete secondary song) and has a scold call.

Play Plumbeous Vireo Song from June, 1999, South Rim Grand Canyon

This recording is the main song.

Play Plumbeous Vireo Typical Secondary Song, June, 1999, South Rim Grand Canyon

This recording has been filtered to remove most of the vehicle noise that steps on the middle of the recording. Also, another vireo comes along and sings in the middle of the secondary song. So this was removed to make the recording less confusing as to what is the secondary song material. Do not use this recording for matching to other vireo recordings. If you need an unfilered recording, ask us for it. home

Copyright Greg Clark, 2009

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