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The population of Burrowing Owls is declining because the owls live in holes dug by mammals, and the mammals are being eliminated as open space is developed. In this section you can learn how Wild at Heart is protecting the owls, building new underground homes, and releasing the owls back to artificial burrows where there won't be more development. Wild at Heart needs your contribution to help expand this program.


Identify Owl Locations on Map SiteReport Burrowing Owl Locations Map Site e-BUOW

With continuing development, Burrowing Owls are forced to find new burrows on an emergency basis. Or, they can be buried alive by site preparation when they are trapped in their burrow underground. If you know the location of an active Burrowing Owl burrow, use the e-BUOW link to go to the map site and place a marker on the map. It's easy and may save an owl's life someday.





Maricopa Agricultural Center





Male Burrowing Owl carrying food back to the family


Laveen Flood Control Release Sites





Placing a Burrowing Owl into the release tent. Follow the Laveen link to see the video of the juvenile owl in the burrow underground.


High Elevation Grassland Sites





See where Burrowing Owls have been relocated from Phoenix to new artificial burrow homes above 3000 feet elevation.

See the video of the Burrowing Owl eggs inside the burrow on the Arizona Strip near St. George, Utah.


Paseo Verde School


See the Burrowing Owls in the burrows with infrared video cameras




Learn About the Burrowing Owls at Motorola




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