1906 San Francisco Earthquake Panorama Photo




 The detail from the panorama photo shows one of the turrets built into the retaining wall along Pine. Note the "flag" on the pole on top and the "wings" below the flag. This feature can still be seen today. The link under the photograph goes to a photo in the San Francisco Public Library photo collection that shows the Leland Standard Mansion with the Mark Hopkins Mansion next to it (behind the Stanford Mansion). The triangular feature seen in the photo to the left that is left of the turret can also be seen in the lower left corner of the linked photograph. The linked photo also shows the area where the photographer was probably standing in 1906.
   Here is the same turret as seen in October, 1999. The object on the right is a construction dumpster. Note the little metal flag and wings.
 Photo by Greg Clark  This is the view of the turret from Pine. The Mark Hopkins Hotel is in the background.
 Photo by Greg Clark  The full view of the turret on the retaining wall as seen in 1999.

To see how some of the turrets looked at the Mark Hopkins Mansion before the 1906 earthquake use the following link:



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