1906 San Francisco Earthquake Panorama Photo




This link goes to the San Francisco Public Library Photo Collection

 This is the first floor of the Leland Stanford Mansion which was next to the Mark Hopkins Mansion. Based on where the Mark Hopkins retaining wall turret is located in the panorama photo (not shown here), the photographer was located just inside the retaining wall and between the two buildings. The link under the photo shows the same part of the Stanford Mansion, but looking from the opposite direction. In that photo it is possible to follow the back wall of the Stanford Mansion (the same wall shown here) over to the Mark Hopkins side and see the area where the photographer was probably standing in 1906.



This link goes to the San Francisco Public Library Photo Collection

 This shows the carriageway, or driveway, that circled the Stanford Mansion. The link under the photograph will show a photograph of the mansion with the carriageway around the building. Look for the curved part of the carriageway in that linked photograph on the left side of the image.


This is a detail from the carriageway photo shown above. These elaborate posts were at the top of stairs that appear to lead down to a lower terrace. The following link to a photo at the San Francisco Public Library shows this part of the Stanford Mansion, the stairs and the entrance posts.




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