1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire Panorama Photograph History Project


The labels on the main panorama photograph identify some of the prominent features on the photograph, and web pages are available to explain interesting facts and stories about the buildings and the people who lived and worked there. Your class and students can contribute to this history project and fill in pieces of the puzzle.

This is an educational project for students who would like to try their hand at research and writing on a project that commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Great Earthquake in 1906. Features on the photograph can be selected by teachers and students, and the history before, during, and after the earthquake can be written up as an article to be included on this site. Although everyone will benefit from the articles produced as they click on a part of the panorama to get more information, perhasp the greatest benefit goes to the students who have the opportunity to do the research and write up the articles for others to enjoy. Articles should focus on how the earthquake affected the lives of the individuals who built, owned, or worked in specific buildings or locations in San Francisco that can be found in the panorama or are named on one of the cancelled checks. Was there a new business or building constructed after the earthquake by the same person, company, or family? What was learned from the earthquake that was applied to new structures to minimize damage from future earthquakes?

If you are a teacher or student who would like to participate in this history research and writing project, please send an email to:

b i r d i n f o @ m i r r o r - p o l e . c o m (remove the spaces before using)

The student authors of articles will get credit for work that is published on this site. All articles are subject to editorial review. Suggestions for the form of articles, such as how to provide credit to sources, can be provided on request.

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