Naturerecordists 2001 Worldwide Dawn Chorus Recordings

Toby Paddock Contribution

Copyright Toby Paddock, 2001

Dawn Recording:tp010901am.mp3

Dusk Recording:tp010901pm.mp3

Recordist's Notes:

Dawn: The morning started out with unusually high winds for this area. I
think the birds slept late and canceled the chorus. About all I got was wind
noise (uninteresting wind noise at that) and a crow flying by.

Dusk: A chickadee call, some misc. peeps, cracking sunflower seeds,
wing flutter, and traffic.

Loc: 47 54N 122 12W, 500 ft elev, suburban backyard, Everett, WA, USA.
Equip: Panasonic WM-61A electrets; Sony MZ-R37 MD.
Processing/editing: none.
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