Naturerecordists 2001 Worldwide Dawn Chorus Recordings

Rudy Trubitt Contribution

Copyright Rudy Trubitt, 2001

Dawn Recording:King's_c.mp3

Recordist's Notes:

My recording is from King's Canyon, which is in the Sierra Nevada
range of central California. King's Canyon is a glacier-carved
valley, much like Yosemite, which lies not far to the north. King's
Canyon, while not quite as spectacular as Yosemite, is still very
beautiful, and far, far less crowded!

I was on a casual camping trip with friends, but brought along a
minimal recording rig. I awakened around dawn as the birds began
singing. As I am a recordist, rather than a naturalist, I won't
presume to identify the birds I recorded. My decision to stay inside
my tent was rewarded by one bird landing very near my position--you
can hear the flutter of its wings just before its loud calls half-way
through my 10 second edit.

Mic: Shure VP88 stereo, "wide" position, no low cut. Deck: Sharp
MD702 mkII MD recorder. Signal processing: Cool Edit 2000 noise
reduction (several mild passes for the noisy mic-pre), Edit and MP3
Encoding: Steinberg Wavelab. home