Naturerecordists 2001 Worldwide Dawn Chorus Recordings

Rich Peet Contribution

Copyright Rich Peet, 2001

Dawn Recording:richpeet.mp3

Recordist's Notes:

It is getting very quiet in the North Country now. A crisp and clear night,
wonderful for migration. At predawn many location chirps were heard. At
dawn mainly calls were heard. But found in a bush on the south edge of a
lake was a bush full of various LBJ's. One gave a call, then a soft song,
more of a quiet conversation really. I don't have a clue who made it, but
he seems happy.

Additional Information:

9/1/01, 6:29 AM, Linwood Lake, Minnesota, approx. 45.36 North 93.10 West,
Sony MZ-R90 Minidisk, Sennheiser ME-62 Microphone with 32" Greg Clark
Parabolic. Species is a LBJ aka UFO.

Editor's note: Tim Price (in Arizona) believes Rich recorded a Purple Finch. home