Naturerecordists 2001 Worldwide Dawn Chorus Recordings

Mark Oberle Contribution

Copyright Mark Oberle, 2001

Dawn Recording:BeWrSubson2001-09cut0929_ampl_short.mp3

(Editor's note: The "BeWr" recording, as submitted, had lots of nice content, but was way too long. Background noise gaps were edited out to get the recording down to a manageable length. This was deemed better than trying to select the "best" 10-12 seconds of what was submitted, something I couldn't figure out how to do.)

Dawn Recording:CanGoos2001-09cut0000_2.mp3

Recordist's Notes:

They were recorded at Univ. of Wash campus, Seattle 48N, 122W.U.S.A.

I only got out at dawn Sept 1, not dusk. Had equipment trouble and also the only close place to me has radio interference in two opposite 45 degree segments, so aiming is a pain. home