Naturerecordists 2001 Worldwide Dawn Chorus Recordings

Jeremy Minns Contribution

Copyright Jeremy Minns, 2001

Dawn Recording:Pacvir08_2.mp3

Editor's Note: Jeremy had to be out of town on September 1, 2001. I suggested he submit a recording from a date as close as possible since it was not possible for him to partcipate on the selected day. Here is his recording from September 10, 2001.

Recordist's Notes:


On 1st Sep I was in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil and did not make a
recording. The following weekend I was in the valley of the Rio Mambucaba
at Perequê, between Paratí and Angra dos Reis in the state of Rio de
Janeiro (the coordinates are 23 01S 44 34W). I was at the foot of the Serra
do Mar, the 1000m high escarpment which runs along the southeast coast of
Brazil, a few miles from the coast. Although the slope is covered with
Atlantic Forest, much of the valley bottom has been cleared, but where I was
there are still plenty of trees and forest remnants, albeit fairly
degraded. I did not have the dawn chorus project in mind and my objective
was a pair of becards in a tree covered with bromeliads which had attracted
a number of other species.

The recording was made at 06:00 on 10th Sep 2001, which happened to be
exactly at sunrise. I used a Sennheiser ME62 microphone in a homemade 25"
reflector with a Sony TCD-D10 PROII recorder. The weather was fine and
clear and the temperature about 18°C (it's spring now in this part of Brazil).

The cut starts with the pair of Green-backed Becards. In the middle a
Piratic Flycatcher and a Palm Tanager sing simultaneously. The becards then
sing again while a Tataupa Tinamou calls in the distance. In the background
you can hear chip calls of Brazilian Tanagers, the rising sequence of notes
of a Gray-hooded Attila, one call by a Yellow-olive Flycatcher and part of
the song of a Rufous-bellied Thrush. home