Naturerecordists 2001 Worldwide Dawn Chorus Recordings

Dave Morrison Contribution

Copyright Dave Morrison, 2001

Dawn Recording: Bayside_ampl.mp3 Wester, Tampa Bay, Florida, U.S.A

Dusk Recording: desoto_ampl.mp3 Fort DeSoto, Tampa Bay, Florida, U.S.A

Recordist's Notes:

I'm still a newbie here but made it out at dawn (and dusk, btw) here
in West Central Florida. I did my captures at the edge of Tampa Bay
at dawn and at Ft. DeSoto State Park at sunset. I'm still in the
early learning stages with my gear and most of what I record would be
considered "ambient" sounds. I record in stereo most of the time
because I truly love the sense of "being there". However, I converted
everything to mono mp3's for our purposes here. Also, I'm not very
good at id'ing the birds I captured, but they're mostly shorebirds.
There's one thing that became shockingly clear to me by doing this
project: Damn, there's a lot of planes coming out of Tampa at
dawn....why aren't these people home asleep on a Saturday morning? home