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Where You Get To Report Peach-face Lovebird Locations

Peach-face Lovebirds, and some of the other Lovebird species, are expanding their range and increasing their numbers in Phoenix, AZ. We need to track their expansion as part of the Coordinated Bird Monitoring program, administrated by Arizona Game and Fish. It is important to understand how a successful, introduced bird species can do so well living in a big city like Phoenix. We need your help to know where they live and how many there are.

Help Getting Started - How To Show Us Where You Saw a Peach-faced Lovebird.

1. If the bird was not in Phoenix, use a link to get a map in the same region where you found the lovebird to report.

2. The Google Map "hand" tool is shown over the map. Hold left-click down and drag the map while holding
left-click and make the center of the map the location where the owl was seen. It is possible to drag the map
anywhere you need it in North America to find a map location.

3. Use the Google Map vertical "Zoom" tool to see more detail at the center of the map. It is usually best to
click on the "+" at the top of the Zoom tool to zoom in a little and then drag the map to keep the bird
location at the center.

4. Zoom-in as close as possible, in some maps the detail is so good from the satellite map that the exact spot
where the lovebird was seen can be found. Don't show us your backyard, just use a street or intersection nearby. If the lovebird was seen in a park or other public place, then get as close as possible.

5. Once you have found the spot you are looking for, Left-Click once on the spot. This will bring up a small
form for you to fill in. Give your lovebird location a name that reflects near where it was found, like a street,
road intersection, canal, park, golf course, farm, and so forth. If you make a mistake use the "x" box to start over.

DO NOT USE THE "&" SIGN IN YOUR SITE NAME. If you do, everything after the & will be cut off.

6. Please put in the date when you saw the lovebird, not the date when you filled in the information.

7. If you are not sure how many lovebirds you saw at the location just estimate on the low side. If you just saw one bird then just put in 1.

8. If you put in your email address we can check with you to be sure this is a valid location. We have to
do something to weed out markers inserted for no good reason. Once you save and leave the map page the email
address will not appear again. You can click on the marker you added after you leave and come back, the
email address will not be there. You will receive an automatic email from us when you put in a location. If you don't reply to the email the location will be removed from the map after a few days. This is the only way we have to validate lovebird locations.

If you have information about a nest site, such as a type of tree, or roof, or what the love birds like to eat, especially if it is a native vegetation, please include it on your email reply to us. We have room for your comments in our database, we will add your comments for you so we are sure they all fit.

Thank you for helping Wild At Heart and AZ Game and Fish with this important bird research.

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