Submitted Lovebird Photo Gallery VII

These photos were sent to along with reported lovebird locations.

If the photographer name is known it is with the photo.


Lovebirds in sunflowers

Lovebirds in Sunflowers submitted by Tony and Maria Campen.

Lovebirds in native sonoran desert habitatSubmitted by David Crain. Note that these Lovebirds are perched in Sonoran desert habitat, palo verde and creosote. The Mourning Dove is keeping them company on the creosote branch..  
Lovebird eating seeds Irin Smith Lovebird in the sunIrin Smith
Lovebird perchedIrin Smith Lovebird in the bouganvillaIrin Smith

Lots of lovebird feeder actionThe following multilevel, colorful, feeder photo was submitted by Robert Prince.

Sort of a three-level effect. Lovebirds perched, hanging on feeders in the middle, and two down at the lower tray level. Room for everyone!


perched on a Yucca spike Carol Swier.

Just enough room for one small parrot to perch on a Yucca spike.

wait your turn to get to the feederCarol Swier. Sometimes you just have to wait your turn to get at the feeder.

lovebirds at palm teee cavity

Nojork image of lovebirds near a cavity in a palm tree in December 2012. Lovebirds can use cavities or make their own nest structure using plant materials, such as palm fronds.

Lovebird in front of palm tree cavityNajork image of single lovebird directly in front of a palm tree cavity.

















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