Arizona Partners In Flight

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Partners In Flight is an international cooperative program of agencies, organizations, and individuals committed to conserving our neotropical migratory birds. Arizona Partners In Flight is a sub-group of this international program. Its goal is to maintain healthy populations of neotropical migratory birds and their habitats in Arizona and adjacent lands in Mexico, through cooperative projects involving management, research and monitoring, and education.

This Web site is designed to provide information regarding the ecology and conservation of neotropical migratory birds, and to increase awareness of the Arizona Partners In Flight program and activities. The site is maintained by the USGS Biological Resources Division Colorado Plateau Field Station at Northern Arizona University, in cooperation with the Arizona Game and Fish Department and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Arizona Partners In Flight Information and Activities

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The future of Arizona Partners In Flight depends largely on public support and involvement. You can help! To learn more, write:

Arizona Partners In Flight
Nongame Branch
Arizona Game and Fish Department
2221 W. Greenway Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85023
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National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
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Questions and comments about Arizona Partners In Flight can be directed to Margie Latta (, Passerine Birds Program Manager, Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Several portions of this site are under construction, and new information will be added regularly. Your comments and suggestions about this site are always welcomed and can be directed to Margie Latta (, Arizona Game and Fish Department, or Mark Sogge (, Colorado Plateau Field Station.